Fruity snack Tiktok jelly fruit candy

This Tiktok jelly fruit candy has a variety of different fruit flavors and corresponding fruit shapes, with flavors including strawberry, sour apple, pineapple, grape and orange. You can try to bite them directly with the mouth to experience the feeling of popping, or put them in the freezer to freeze after eating better taste!

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We want every kid to find the flavor the love which is why each snack assortment comes with a wide range of different fruit flavors to really satisfy their sugary sweet cravings.A fun way to entertain kids and satisfy their sweet tooth these candy fruit jelly snacks are like a drink when they’re room temperature or you can put them in the freezer to create something chewableOur little jelly fruit candies come in BPA-free plastic containers with sealed tops that can be twisted or cut off to let kids get to the sweet goodness on the inside with no mess.Be it in liquid or solid form our colorful fruit jelly snacks are sure to get your child excited thanks to a fruit-shaped design and bold colors that look just like the real thing.The real fun behind Apexy jelly fruit is that they can be enjoyed not only as a traditional afternoon snack but also for playing unique, kid-friendly games and challenges. Kids will love sharing them with friends and coming up with new and original ways to enjoy each flavor.These are all individually wrapped candies which means they make a wonderful addition to birthday party grab bags, party favors at school, holiday treat bowls, and anywhere else you’re looking to share an original snack with kids, teens, or adults.

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