MiniCrush sweet taste jelly cup fruit jelly pudding

The vampire design adds to the Halloween atmosphere, with a mix of different fruit-based jelly candies.

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Each MiniCrush jelly is full of rich fruit flavors that will delight your taste buds and add to your snacking pleasure in the summertime.Add a creepy and fruity touch to your Halloween with this MiniCrush Halloween jelly collection.Peanut free and top allergen free All MiniCrush jellies are veganPerfect for Halloween treats Containing 100pcs fruity jellies, this assorted package is perfect for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating or candy bowls. Share with friends!Features:Made with Premium Vodka                Vegetarian-Friendly               Gluten Free                             5 flavours                         50ml/pcs 20pcs/bag                   Product MOQ:Please note that we have a MOQ for our jello shot . the MOQ is 500 cartons.                Customization:MiniCrush assists you throughout your project: shape of the jar, shape of the jello shot cup, choice of flavour, design of the stickers, design of the outer packaging, etc. Please contact us or indicate your requirements on the enquiry quote.
32glcup ltem No. JG2022-9 JG2022-9 JG2022-9
Product Name vampy Jar Pumpky Jar Franky Jar
PackaginglCarton 35pcsjar6jars 35pcs/jar*6jars 35pcsjar*6jars
carton Size 43.5x30.5 x29cm 43.5x30.5 x29cm 43.5x 30.5 x29cm
15glcup ltem No. JC2011-9 JC2011-9 JC2011-9
Product Name Vampy Jar Pumpky Jar Franky Jar
Packaging/Carton 100pcsljar*6jars 100pcsjar*6jars 100pcsljar*6jars
carton Size 43.5x30.5 ×29cm 43.5x30.5 x29cm 43.5x 30.5 x29cm

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