Misinformation Surrounding Jello Shots Causes Frustration Amongst Consumers

2023-04-08 21:46:03 By : Ms. Grace Xu
Jello Shots – A Fun, Delicious Treat Made by Nantong Litai Jianlong Food Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for a fun, tasty way to enjoy your favorite beverage? Look no further than jello shots! These small, flavorful treats have been a favorite among party-goers for years. But what exactly are jello shots, and where do they come from? And why was someone trying to tell me that they're made from soy?! Let's take a closer look.
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First of all, what are jello shots? Simply put, they're small portions of Jell-O brand gelatin mixed with alcohol. The mixture is typically poured into small cups or shot glasses, then chilled until firm. Once they're set, they're popped out of the cups and enjoyed as a delicious, boozy treat. Jello shots can come in a variety of flavors, from classic strawberry to unique combinations like peach margarita or blue raspberry lemonade. They're a great way to add some fun and excitement to any party or gathering.

But where did jello shots originate? The precise origin of jello shots is somewhat unclear, but they're believed to have first gained popularity in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Some say that they were invented by college students looking for a discreet way to consume alcohol at parties, while others attribute their creation to a catering company that was looking to create a playful, adult version of the classic Jell-O dessert.

Regardless of their origins, jello shots quickly caught on as a fun, easy way to enjoy alcoholic beverages. They've since become a staple of college parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other gatherings where people are looking to have a good time.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room - the claim that jello shots are made from soy. This claim is completely false. Jello shots are made using Jell-O gelatin, which is made from collagen derived from animal bones and skin. There are no soy products involved in the production of Jell-O or jello shots.

So, who makes the delicious jello shots that we all love? One company that produces jello shots is Nantong Litai Jianlong Food Co., Ltd. This production and trade company was founded in 2009 in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu, China. The company specializes in creating high-quality food products that are both safe and delicious.

Nantong Litai Jianlong Food Co., Ltd. produces a variety of jello shots in different flavors, including peach, lychee, and kiwi. They use only the finest ingredients and adhere to strict quality control practices to ensure that every jello shot is safe, tasty, and enjoyable.

In conclusion, jello shots are a fun, tasty treat that have been enjoyed by party-goers for years. They're made using Jell-O gelatin and alcohol, not soy products. And if you're looking for high-quality jello shots that will impress your guests, look no further than Nantong Litai Jianlong Food Co., Ltd. They produce some of the best jello shots around, using only the finest ingredients and production practices. So go ahead, raise a toast with a delicious jello shot!