Range Flavoured Vodka gelatin

Orange and vodka, mixed on your tongue for real flavor

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If you leave Jello shots out in a warm environment, the gelatin will start to melt. Room temperature is the best storage temperature to prevent this from happening.MiniCrush Jelly shots are a popular party drink because they are easy to carry and can be customised to suit any taste preference. Jelly drinks can be mixed with any type of alcohol, so they are specially designed for any occasion.GODFATHER is named after iced tea, but it creates a delicious cocktail with the colour and taste of black tea without using half a drop. Don't let the sweetness of the citrus, lemon juice and cola fool you, try it with a shot of Minicrush jello.Tequila and Sprite, the most common way to drink tequila in a bar. Tequila is like fire, Sprite is like ice, and when paired with our MINICRUSH jelly, it creates a great rush in your mouth between 3 and 5 seconds, giving you a refreshing feeling of clarity.MINTJULEP, the piquant aroma of mint adds to the flavour of whisky, making this cocktail a refreshing and sweet drink that takes the bitterness out of the mouth. To make the Mint Julep even more delicious, chill the glass in the fridge until it turns white. This white frosting meets the refreshing mint julep and the Minicrush jello, which naturally exudes an indescribable sense of refreshment.MiniCrush is the most popular supplier of jello shots. We offer a variety of flavors and sizes to choose from, so you can find the great jello shot for your party

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